The company S. KONSTANTINIDIS & CO LTD “PHARMA MEDI HELP” is the exclusive representative for Greece, Cyprus and Balkan Countries of several companies and:

1. It specializes in manufacturing and packaging 38 different First Aid Kits, with each of the including medical devices certified with CE and with CE Mark and certificate for the total First Aid Kit. Also, our company is certified with ISO EN 9001:2008 , 13485:2003 and Minster Decision 1348/2004. These First Aid Kits are for several use and are covering the needs and the hazards of the employees in Industries, Factories, Marine. Furthermore they are covering the needs of athletes, drivers etc. The boxes of these First Aid Kits are wall-mounted, able to be released from their wall bracket and transported in the field of the accident. Also, we have 9 different medical First Aid Bags that 2 of them are isothermic, adequate for First Aid Kits.

The First Aid Kits are the following:

- Pharma medi kit 1-CE, for cars

- Pharma medi kit 2-CE, for cars

- Pharma medi kit 3-CE, for cars

- Pharma medi kit 4-CE, for offices

- Pharma medi kit 5 for fishing boats-CE

- Pharma medi kit 6 for sports clubs-CE

- Pharma medi kit 7 for small industries (amputations, eyes) - CE,

- Pharma medi kit 8 for small industries (amputations, eyes, burns)-CE

- Pharma Medi Snaky kit 9-CE

- Pharma Medi Rescue Kit 11-CE (Resuscitation)

- Pharma Medi Rescue Kit 13-CE (Resuscitation)

- Pharma Medi Rescue Kit 14-CE (Resuscitation)

- Pharma Medi Burn Kit 15-CE

- Pharma Medi Burn Kit 16-CE

- Pharma Medi Burn Kit 17-CE

- Pharma Medi Burn Kit 18-CE

- Pharma Medi Burn Kit 19-CE

- Pharma Medi Eye Kit 20-CE

- Pharma medi kit 21 for Bodyguards CE

- Pharma medi kit 22 for Restaurant’s kitchens CE

- Pharma medi kit 23 for cafés CE

- Pharma medi kit 24 for Fire Brigade’s vehicles CE

- Pharma medi kit 25 for schools CE

- Pharma medi kit 26 for diving schools CE

- Pharma medi kit 27 for cars (low-budget) CE

- Pharma medi kit 28 for Food Industry CE

- Pharma medi kit 29 for Lifeguards CE

- Pharma medi kit 30 for Factories – Industries (amputations, eyes) CE

- Pharma medi kit 31 for Hotels’ restaurants’ kitchens CE

- Pharma medi kit 32 Police Special Forces (Anti-terrorist unit)

- Pharma medi kit 33 for factories-industries (amputations, burns, eyes) CE

- Pharma Medi Rescue Kit 34 CE (Resuscitation)

- Pharma medi kit 35 for Rescue Teams CE

- Pharma medi DIVING kit 36 CE

- Pharma medi kit 37 ADR for cargo with Dangerous Goods.

- Pharma medi mini kit 38– pocket First Aid Kit

- Pharma medi kit 39 Intubation Set

"S. KONSTANTINIDIS & CO LTD – PHARMA MEDI HELP" is cooperating with the pharmacy “S. KONSTANTINIDIS” for the covering of needs in medicines of the Industries, Factories etc, according to the Ministry of Labor (P.O. 16/96, G.N. 10/A/96-18/1/1996, 89/654/E.U.) and also for the covering of special dangers that employees run, in understanding with the pharmacist S. Konstantinidis and each labor doctor.

2. BURNSHIELD (South Africa). Medical Devices, sterile, category IIB, specialized in the First Aid and treatment of burns of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

Burn Dressings engrained with Hydrogel of vegetal origin, with dimensions 10x10cm, 20x20cm, 20x45cm and 40x60cm whose packaging can be transformed into aseptic burn bag for the transportation of the patient or closed therapy of burn. Hydrogel for burns 50ml, 5 blotts x 3.5ml, Face Mask 20x45cm, Contours with single weave 100x100cm and 100x200cm, blankets of double weave 120x160cm and 160x245cm engrained with hydrogel of vegetal origin for: a) Saving passage through the flames, b) extinction of a flaming human body, and c) provision of First Aid and Treatment for burns of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The BURNSHIELD products are being supplied and used in 48 hospitals of Greece, 4500 pharmacists, Ambulance Organization, Electric Power Company, Motor Oil, Oil Companies, Airports, Fire Department, Army, Navy, Air Force, Industries, Factories etc.

3. Medical and orthopedic devices for the First Aid: Wall mounted First Aid Boxes (able to be released from their wall bracket, Device for washing the eye, magnet for removal of metal burs, collars, inflatable splints, head immobilizers, foot and arm immobilizer etc.

4. Dispotech: Dispogel cold - hot packs for multiple use, Dispoice instant ice pack, Dispohot instant hot pack, Dispoice Spray Ice Spray.

5. NASCO: Educational manikins for education on First Aid. Provided with or without electronic control.

6. Surgical Instruments (scissors, forceps, blades etc) and diagnostic tools (laryngoscopes plastic or metal & oto-rhino-laryngo-opthalmoscope)

7. Manufactures the airway for Resuscitation (Airway rescue mask) CPR type.

8. It manufactures 22 different stretchers:

1.  ZEUS-Neil Robertson type stretcher for the vertical elevation and protection of the human body

2.  ARIS - Body Splint

3.  VENUS I stretcher aluminum, with plastic sprawl material, foldable widthwise

4.  VENUS ΙΙ stretcher aluminum, with plastic sprawl material, foldable lengthwise

5.  VENUS III stretcher aluminum, with plastic sprawl material, foldable lengthwise & widthwise

6.  VENUS IV stretcher aluminum, with plastic sprawl material, foldable in 4 pieces (widthwise-lengthwise-lengthwise

7.  Blanket stretcher

8.  BED TO BED Stretcher for the transportation from bed to bed, from bed to hospital stretcher and from hospital stretcher to surgical table. (MRI Compatible and x-Ray Transparent)

9.  NEPTUNE - Spine Board (MRI Compatible and x-Ray Transparent)

10. HESTIA I – Ambulance A stretcher foldable legs

11. HESTIA II – Wheel chair / Bed Ambulance stretcher foldable legs

12. Dimitra Simple -Ambulance Stretcher B, without foldable legs.

13. Dimitra MRI Compatible -Ambulance Stretcher B, without foldable legs.

14. HERA - Stair stretcher (4 big wheels and plastic seat and back)

15. Rescue Stretcher Roll up type stretcher (for transportation from demanding terrains with various obstacles)

16. HEPHAESTUS I Simple – Scoop type Stretcher with 4 blades (silver colour)

17. HEPHAESTUS I MRI Compatible – Scoop type Stretcher with 4 blades (silver colour)

18. HEPHAESTUS II –Scoop type Stretcher with 6 blades (orange colour)

19. APOLLO I - Basket Stretcher (not divided)

20. APOLLO II - Basket stretcher (divided)

21. ATHENA I aluminum, foldable lengthwise with two (2) wheels

22. ATHENA ΙI aluminum, foldable twice lengthwise with two (2) wheels

Transportation Bags for Venus I,II,III,IV, Athina II, Bed to Bed, Hephaestus I-II, Apollo II, Zeus, Aris,

9. Manufactures TRACTION SPLINT


11. Moreover, manufacturers 9 First Aid Bags, 2 of which are isothermic. Pharma medi Bag 3 Isothermic, Pharma medi Bag 4, Pharma medi Bag 6, Pharma Back Pack 1 Isothermic, Pharma Back Pack 2, Pharma Back Pack 3, Pharma medi bag, Pharma mini bag, Oxygen Bag

12. belt with plastic buckle, spider strap, lifting straps for basket stretcher

Also, our company supplies all the pharmacists-suppliers of marine companies, with 75% of the medical devices which exclusively manufactures or imports according to international directives.

Visit our company’s website:

Our pharmacy works for the last 35 years. We are supplying a lot of marine companies and supply marine companies with medicines and medical devices, as well as with Certificate of complement of ship’s pharmacy, according to internation law and directives. Also, we can supply you with the user manual of the medicines in English, Russian and Greek.

Our pharmacy manufactures the following:

1. First aid Kit for ships according all the flag and categories.

2.First Aid Kit SOLAS 74 for Life Rafts and Life Boats, according to the P.O. 277/97 and the European Directive 92/29/EC. Waterproof - air tight aluminium packaging. Contains medicines and medical devices.

Approval No: MMM/MSI 1423 BNTL/3/98

3. First Aid Kit NON SOLAS for Life Rafts – Life Boats – Pleasure Boats – Category CV3, according to the P.O. 277/97 and the European Directive 92/29/EC. Waterproof - air tight aluminium packaging. Contains medicines and medical devices.

Approval No: MMM/MSI 1423 BNTL/3/98

4. First Aid Kit Marine Kit 1: The content of SOLAS 74 in a Pharma Mini box.

5. First Aid Kit Marine Kit 2:For professional fishing boats & small rented pleasure boats, Category C, EU Directive. Contains medicines and medical devices.

6. First Aid Kit for Bridge

7. First Aid Kit for Engine Room

8. First Aid Kit for Kitchen

9.First Aid Kit for eye with the eye magnet with loop, eyebath, magnifying glass and dressing material.

10. First Aid Kit according to the P.O. 16/96

In a Pharma Box 3 the medicines according to the P.O. 16/96 are being included – for industries, factories, offices, shops and working areas in general. It contains medicines and medical devices.


Stelios Konstantinidis

Pharmacist (52, Char. Trikoupi str, 18536 - Piraeus – Greece)