Basket Divided Stretcher

Basket Divided Stretcher
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It is built of high density polyethylene this avoids splintering or cracking. It is high resistant in extreme situations and has non-absorbent foam mattress. Ιt is suitable for the transportation of the patients and can be used in any type of rescue operation to protect the patient from lateral collisions and where it is impossible to reach the casualty with ordinary means of transport. These stretchers have 4 belts, a footrest made of a sea-resistant wood along with a belt to adjust its height.The Two shells can be separated for compact storage and easily carrying
Optional equipment: elevating belt system.
Caution: This device along with the elevating straps is used to elevate the patient from the ship to the helicopter,where the patient is collected. Technical data:
color: orange.
Dimensions :
Length: 218cm.
Width: 59cm.
Height: 20cm.
Weigth: 12,3Kg
Capacity: 159Kg
Divided position Dimensions :
Length: 129cm.
Width: 63cm.
Height: 26cm.