BURNSHIELD: Medical devices Category Class IIB, specialized for the provision of First Aid, and the continuous facing of burns of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, as much as fire protection (blanket). They are products of vegetal origin and are consisted of:

  1. 96% water
  2. 1% Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea  tree oil)
  3. 3% emulsifier

Their texture is hydrogel.
They have European approval and CE Mark CE 0473, EN ISO 13485/11.2000.
The packing of the Burnshield medical devices are separated into three categories:

  1. Burnshield Dressings, engrained with hydrogel:
    1. 2,5x50cm (40gr hydrogel) - sterile
    2. 10x10cm (40gr hydrogel) - sterile
    3. 20x20cm (120gr hydrogel) - sterile
    4. 20x45cm (270gr hydrogel) - sterile
    5. 20x45cm Face Mask hydrogel- sterile
    6. 60x40cm (500gr hydrogel) - sterile
  2. Burnshield blankets, engrained with hydrogel:
    1. 1.2x1.6m (4500gr hydrogel) - sterile
    2. 1.6x2.45m (9000gr hydrogel) - sterile
  3. Sheets “Contour” type
    1. 1x1m (900gr hydrogel) - sterile
    2. 1x2m (1800gr hydrogel) - sterile
  4. Burnshield bottles with hydrogel
    1. 50ml bottle - sterie
    2. 125ml  spray - sterile
  5. Burnshield sachets
    1. 3,5ml blotts with hydrogel - sterile

Main advantage of the BURNSHIELD Dressings, apart from the open facing of the burns, with the change of the dressing once daily, is the aluminum packaging of them which can be transformed into aseptic sack for burns:
a. for the closed method of facing the burns in hand, leg, arm, calf, thigh, with the use of an adhesive tape in order for the hydrogel not to be vaporized, and,
b. for the transportation of the patient to specialised hospitals, since it is well known that during the time of the transportation the burns proceed in extension and depth.
The BURNSHIELD dressings can be installed on the head or the body. They are manufactured from foam material, and they are engrained with the abovementioned hydrogel.

Natural qualities of the Burnshield products:

  1. It reduces the temperature of the burned surface. At the same time it reduces the pain, refreshes the victim and minimizes the shock
  2. It hydrates the burned surface and minimizes the burn since it is consisted by 96% water.
  3. It reduces the emission of the electrolytes from the burn because the hydrogel has larger molecular weight than the sodium chloride
  4. It depresses the bubble of the burn due to difference of the osmotic pressure
  5. It obstructs the evolution of the burn in extension and depth due to the reduction of the temperature, and due to the hydration
  6. They are protecting the burn from derivatives infections because they are sterilised with radiation Gama.
  7. The BURNSHIELD Dressings do not stick on the burn because they are engrained with hydrogel, which hydrogel can be easily removed with the use of sodium chloride, for the doctor the check the depth of the burn.
  8. It contributes to the faster recovery of the patients, and this way to the restriction of the hospital expenses.

There have been 8 internation medical research, which have been published with their submission numbers. Also, there is a clinical research which was submitted on the World Burn Convention (1 - 6 November 1998).
According to this research, among patients BURNSHIELD DRESSINGS, BETADINE, FLAMAZINE were used for 10 hours since the burn took place. It was found that, for the patients who were treated with BURNSHIELD DRESSINGS, the time they remained in the hospital was lower by 50% from the rest, and the time which was needed for the plastic surgeon to face the burns were by 15% less than the others. This happened due to the reduction of the temperature and the hydration of the burn by the hydrogel, which resulted in the general improvement of the patient's situation.
The medical devices BURNSHIELD Category IIB are essential, due to their natural qualities, for the transportation of the patients from the hospital to the specialized units of other hospitals (Athens Public Hospital, “Thriasseio” Hospital etc), because they prevent the evolution of the burn in extension and depth, which dimensions are increasing during the time of the transportation which are in critical condition, since they are also suitable for the in-places private practices and units of health. The medical devices BURNSHIELD, blankets and dressings, have an expiration date at about 5 years after their manufacturing, and there are also two (2) more years for the blankets. During these two (2) years the components of the blankets are remaining stable and can be used as means of fire protection.
The BURNSHIELD blankets are manufactured by cotton cloth with special tricot and weave, engrained with hydrogel, same as the dressings.
With the help of the BURNSHIELD Blankets, we can achieve the following:

  1. Saving Rescue for passage through the flames.
  2. Extinction of the human flaming body, provision of First Aid and commencement of facing burns of 2nd and 3rd degree, because they are sterilized and Category IIB, and due to their natural qualities.

The BURNSHIELD products (dressings & blankets) are durable to environments with temperature from -10oC up to +60oC, and the following are not deteriorating:

  1. Their chemical substance
  2. Their natural qualities, and.
  3. Their stability

The single sterilized BURNSHIED blanket, with dimensions 1.2x1.6m, has a diagonal dimension of 2m, which dimension is much higher than the height of the average Greek. Also, it is much more economical from other similar blankets of various factories, since after its use is being disposed.

Advantages of the sterile BURNSHIELD Blanket 1.2x1.6m
1. During the operations of extinctions of fire or rescuing, the burns which are being faced are of 2nd and 3rd degree, where there is breach and injury of chorion. The by definition meant as breach of chorion, consists and means all the burns of 2nd and 3rd degree, where there is breach and injury of chorion, according to which medical devices Category IIB can be used long term also in burns of 1st degree, as well as in burns of 2nd and 3rd degree with breach or injury of chorion with possibility of healing from inside to outside.
Contrariwise, the products of Category IIA, are destined for short term use in managing micro-environment only in burns of 1st degree, where there is no breach of chorion.  According to the abovementioned no matter which product will be used, it has to be Category IIB since it is used in burns of 2nd and 3rd degree.
2. The BURNSHIELD medical devices have an expiration date of 5 years with radiation Gama, which is for the final product and not only part of it (hydrogel), like all the medical devices which are used in burns of 2nd and 3rd degree should have. They have stability of components for seven years.
It must be emphasized that the time of stability of components is the time during which the hydrogel is not broken down. The time of stability has nothing to do with the expiration date of the sterilization, which is necessary in order for the medical device to be used on burns of 2nd and 3rd degree (open wound). Also, it is logical that the time of stability is longer than the expiration date of the sterilization, but this doesn't mean that when the sterilization expires the product can be used on burns of 2nd and 3rd degree even if it is stable of components, but only as assistance for the passing through the flames with the use of BURNSHIELD Blankets.
3. The BURNSHIELD medical devices do not contain any toxic or anesthetic substances (with known side-effects). The medical devices are of vegetal origin, non-toxic, appropriate also for kids.
The BURNSHIELD Blanket 1.6x2.45m (double), apart from its natural qualities for provision of First Aid in burns of 2nd and 3rd degree, it can also be used as means of fire protection for entering a flaming building and covering the pent person during the exit of the rescuer and the pent person from the flaming building.
The individual packaging (plastic hard cylinder) of the BURNSHIELD Blankets which is achieved with the help of a PVC leave, which is placed inside the cylindrical packaging, and protects the BURNSHIED Blanket from being hit and puncture.
Another advantage of the BURNSHIELD Blanket is also that the packaging is able to be hanged on someone's shoulders during the rescue or the transportation of the blanket.
The BURNSHIELD Medical Devices (Dressing 10x10cm, Hydrogel Bottle of 50ml, Burn Blotts sachets of 3.5ml) can be found in 57 hospitals, 8 Ambulance Organizations, are sold in most of the pharmacies in Greece (4.000), as well as in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, Airports, Fire Brigade, Electric Power Company etc.
The very good prices as well as the quality of manufacturing of the BURNSHIELD medical devices, make them defied of competition in the Greek Market. They get around 75 countries in the whole world for the last 15 years.